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Original Pressings – Death In Vegas (2003)

February 10, 2010

Released at the tale end of last year, “Scorpio Rising” saw Death In Vegas mix electroclash-cum-squelch with such elements as Indian music and Liam Gallagher. Their upcoming appearance at Splendour In The Grass marks their first trip to Australia. TUNE FMs’ Garry McKenzie chats with Tim Holmes about the making of the album.

“I’d been to India on an extended vacation/exploring thing”, remembers Tim Holmes. “In a place called Kerala, which is a southern state of India, I heard some music by Dr. Subramaniam, a classical piece of music called “Beyond”, which I felling love with. Read the rest of this entry ?


Original Pressings – The Mountain Goats (2006)

January 31, 2010

The Mountain Goats didn’t appear on the Australian radar until releasing “Tallahassee” in 2002, their first release on 4AD. However, John Darnielle and bassist Peter Hughes seem to have taken a shine to our wide brown land. Their upcoming tour will be their third in just over a year. Three albums in two years show Darnielle as a questing figure, always pushing his own boundaries. His latest, “Get Lonely”, is the most stunningly realistic take on break-ups heard on record. Rockus caught up with Darnielle, who desperately missing meat pies and just before vegemite was banned in the US.

This will be your third trip to Australia in just over a year. What
keeps bringing you back?

Is it really that many? To us it seems like the time between visits is
too long! We just really enjoy the shows – it’s hard to qualify in what ways the Aussie shows are different, but they are – they’ve got a very pleasant, exciting, inspiring vibe to ’em. Also, Jester’s Pies and vegemite. We don’t have Jester’s Pies in the US you know. We are a savory-pie-impaired country. Read the rest of this entry ?


Original Pressings – Jodi Rose (Singing Bridges) Interview

January 21, 2010

Australian artist Jodi Rose talks to Garry McKenzie about singing bridges, bemused engineers and her role in creating the largest ʻorchestraʼ in the world.

WHEN the $55.5m Eleanor Schonell Bridge opened in late 2006, it offered pedestrians a much more beguiling experience than your average river crossing. The structure, which connects Dutton Park to the University of Queensland in St Lucia, Brisbane, is a 400-metre long cable-stayed bridge and is the first bridge in Australia to be designed exclusively for use by buses, bicyclists and pedestrians. However, this is not the only first the bridge can claim. It is also the only bridge in the world to contain a permanent sound art installation which allows pedestrians to hear the bridge sing. Read the rest of this entry ?


Original Pressings – Steve Towson Interview

January 21, 2010

On a spring evening in Sydney, a crowd of punters line up along George St, outside the Metro. They are there because of Billy Bragg. So too, in a roundabout way, is Steve Towson. He stands outside the venue, with his guitar is in hand, singing his own brand of political protest songs. He is adamant he is not busking, but one of the crowd just won’t take no for an answer. They remove Towson’s black, full-brimmed hat, shove some money in it, and jam it back on his head. Towson shrugs and keeps playing, as he will outside every gig on Bragg’s Australian tour, from Byron Bay to Perth. Read the rest of this entry ?


Interview – Tara Simmons (25/5/2007)

July 3, 2009

Tara Simmons sits in front of her computer, bathed in the light of her large red lamp, her beanie clamped onto her head. She sings in a soft, soulful voice, as her computer emits strange sounds like cello drones and bass bleeps. To her left, sitting on her green couch, a young guitarist picks at his acoustic. To her right, a drummer adds flourishes from his kit. Her piano sits to one side, momentarily ignored. I watch this domestic scene as part of a small crowd dwarfed by the size of the QUT performance space where Tara Simmons has recreated her lounge-room.
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