Original Pressings

Contained in these pages are some of my articles, interviews and reviews for various publications over the last decade. Glaring spelling or grammatical errors aside, I have left the articles as they were published, even if I changed my mind or become more knowledgeable over the years. My 20 year-old self still stands by what he wrote, even if it was written by an ignoramous.

Instead I’ve added annotations in italics, containing background, corrections and commentary. My 20 year old self will just have to get over it.



Electrelane – “Singles, B-Sides & Live (2006)

Ease – “Heyman” (2005)

Destroyer – Destroyer’s Rubies (2006)


Tara Simmons (2007)

Steve Towson 2007

Jodi Rose (Singing Bridges) 2006


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