One Bedraggled Boy is a new music blog over twenty years in the making. Over this time my music collection has grown, commencing with Smash Hits ‘87 on cassette, to (at the time of writing) an Amorphous Androgynous CD I picked out of an alleged bargain bin last week. From John Abercrombie to John Zorn, Seventies prog-rock to seventy minutes of pipe organ drone, what amazes me is not the collections diversity, but that it was started by someone who grew up in a musical desert.

I grew up in a small country town of less than 3000 souls with access to four radio stations, no internet and a narrow view of music. According to my school year, it was Guns ‘N’ Roses or nothing. Meanwhile the rest of the world reached Nirvana. One girl had discovered the Violent Femmes but no one else had heard of them, and at worst, her tastes were ignored. Mine were derided. Disliking the Gunners, I had searched around until I discovered with surprise even deserts bloom. Starting from the world of pop and television soundtracks, my tastes changed incrementally through chance discoveries, tip-offs, stumbles and blind alleys.

The main section of this blog – The Collector – is about how musical tastes develop and change. Each post corresponds with an album in my collection, but not for the purposes of reviewing them. Instead I’ll tease out the where’s and why’s of my purchases, how I discovered them and what they meant for my musical education.

In Ongoing Pressings, I’ll also post reviews, articles and interviews I wrote for ‘zines, student papers and radio since 2000. Glaring spelling or grammatical errors aside, I have left the articles as they were published, even if I changed my mind or became more knowledgeable over the years. My 20 year-old self still stands by what he wrote, even I think it was, to paraphrase Clive James, written by an ignoramus. Instead I’ve added annotations in italics, containing background, corrections and commentary. My 20 year-old self will have a right of reply, but I’m not holding my breath it will be taken up.


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