Hamish Moore and Dick Lee – Concerto for Bagpipes and Jazz Orchestra (90s – 42)

May 11, 2014

In the last post I mentioned bagpipes playing jazz. This is it. One night Robyn Johnston on the Planet played a night of instruments forgotten or generally joked about: viola, tuba, tap shoes, banjo, steel drums playing the Beatles, flower pots – you named it, she played it, and generally played in ways you would not have expected.

Thus the bagpipes. I love this track. I used to play it at 8am if I had problems waking up – the bagpipes would shock awake a tired brain. I had some strange ideas at the time but they were generally harmless. Like playing happy music when I felt sad to give me a pick-me-up. Those at high school thought this was mad – they listened to melancholic stuff, kept the mood. I only did that if I felt physically tired, not mentally upset. But I digress.

Later I would hear bagpipes in a very different jazz setting, Bell and Rasler piping it up in support of Jah Wobble and Evan Parker. I loved that music because I already had the toolkit to deal with it thanks to Moore and Lee.

This was only one of two tracks I ever heard from the pair but the droning bagpipes suddenly made sense outside of a folk or marching setting.


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