Speedy J – Patterns (90s – 50)

January 24, 2014

Novamute was Mute Record’s electronic dark side. I discovered a label compilation in the 2UNE studio not long after both it and I arrived. My knowledge of techno and house was from the pop charts, plus the ambient side from the Digital Dream radio show. But the unrepentant shards of noise and dread-laden drones were new to me – savage and dire. The nearest I’d heard was from the Industrial bands of the previous decade, but they had sounded dated thanks to the earlier synthesisers and recording techniques. By the 90s electronica could create anything, the Novamute roster sounded crisp and wild at the same time.

While the tracks by Luke Slater, Plaskticman and Emmanuuel Top made an impression, it was Speedy J’s unrepentant remix of Patterns which shook my world. The juxtaposition of the atmospheric symphonic sweeps and the sudden explosions of noise gave me an appreciation collisions of sounds were as effective as those intricately intertwined. Not the darkest track on the compilation, but surely the most memorable.


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