Utah Saints – Something Good (90s – 53)

December 18, 2013

In 1992 I knew nothing of UK Rave Culture. I knew not of the Happy Mondays. I knew not of the Stone Roses let alone Stereo MCs. Unless a house/rave track made the charts – Infinity, Open Your Mind – I knew nothing of what people danced to.

And then came Something Good. I had heard Wuthering Heights and Babooshka but my interest in this track had nothing to do with Kate Bush. I loved synthesisers but the keys here were pretty live – techno this wasn’t.

It was the film clip. I always loved those sped-up shops through the streets. And I really loved the crazy machine. Up on a hill for no apparent reason, belching clouds into the sky. The girl’s triumphal punch at making rain. It was so unlike anything else around at the time.

It took years to realise the sample was from Kate Bush’s Cloudbusting only to not really like it. It took until this week to realise the girl in the video is Bush herself. This is because Utah Saints not only sampled Cloudbusting, they sampled its video clip as well:

The Bush clip is excellent but then again Terry Gillian is involved in its creation. But it also gives tension to a song which I felt plodded, a track of its time left behind as the tempo continued to rise in the 80s.

But these facts, and this new appreciation for a Bush song I had previously written off, is irrelevant because the Utah Saints’ rave anthem still send me back to a time it hinted at a world I had never previously thought existed. A piece of pure energy at a time when pop seems to have the life stifled out of it.


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