4 Hero – The Paranormal in 4 Form (90s – 55)

December 17, 2013

For all the 90s electronica scene was influenced by techno, house, Eno and Kraftwerk, it was given soul by the dub rhythm. From drum ‘n’ bass to bleak ambient to stretched-out wide-eyed float-fests, basses dropped and rhythms swung ala Tubby and Perry continuing an uninterrupted reign of Jamaican-via-UK influence since My Boy Lollipop via the post-punks into 80s pop.

Macro Dub Infection was a compilation series which gathered together a wide-ranging selection of tracks linked by dub. From the Omni Trio – who produces the happiest drum ‘n’ bass in the world – through to the darkness of Bedouin Ascent and Wagon Christ it finally reduces to the merest smudges on dub with an ambient take of Tricky’s Pumpkin.

My favourite track on volume 2 is the utterly bonkers The Paranormal in 4 form. At its core it inflects a standard drum ‘n’ bass pattern with an Aphex-wobbliness, but the track is topped with dark dub and tailed with cool dubby jazziness. In one track is encapsulated a wide cross-section of what was happening at the time.


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