Lamb – Transfatty Acid (Kruder & Dorfmeister Remix Edit) (90s – 57)

December 12, 2013

It was either this – which I heard on Café del Mar vol 5 or the Fila Brazillia Mix of Cotton Wool on Rebirth of Cool vol 4 – both compilation series to feature again in this countdown. But the main thing here is they introduced me to Lamb and thus to one of my happier memories of on-air presenting.

In my seven years of radio announcing in Armidale I only received a handful of requests. Two occasions, separated by years, were the result of one girl who, by her own words, was obsessed with Lamb. I never met her in real life, and only spoke to her when she rang up to make the requests. I always remember her because she obviously listened to my program – with it’s experimental urges nibbing at the edges of mainstream and moving away – and actually picked a band which fitted the format. I had previously played the two Lamb remixes so Lamb was already on the long-list of acceptable bands.

(I have to also admit I was impressed a girl had talked to me about some music in which I was interested. Such fleeting moments gave me a little confidence I wasn’t the only one interested in the music I played and, as an extension, I wasn’t a complete nerd shunned by the female half of the population. Oh those silly feeling and illogical thoughts of a single person in one’s early to mid 20s.)

The long version of this Kruder and Dorfmeister remix, with its excellent jazziness and live vibe, can also be found in longer form on the pair’s compilation The K&D Sessions. The K&D Sessions became an obsession on mine despite the fact I never actually ended up hearing it. At the time you paid at least half-again for a double album and a normal one was strictly $30AUD. It was just outside my price range, condemned to be to-get list until I forgot about it.

As for Café del Mar, well I have more to tell soon.


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