Throwing Muses – “Not Too Soon” (90s – 58)

December 10, 2013

This is my favourite song on an album of great songs. That it is the only song written by Tanya Donelly is no comment on Kristin Hersh. I’ve never heard Belly, nor her contribution to The Breeders. In fact this is the only Throwing Muses album I’ve heard.

I came to the album after finding and enjoying some solo Hersh in the 2UNE music library. At the same time I came rather late to the Pixies. The relationship between the two is Throwing Muses of which this album was recommended. On listening I pleasantly recognised Red Shoes from… somewhere in my history, and never looked back.

What makes “Not Too Soon” great was the arrangement: thudding drums, crashing cymbals and the distorted human warbling merging seamlessly into the main guitar riff. It’s the singularly most free and wild thing on the album.


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