The Fall – 15 Ways (90s – 64)

August 23, 2013

This song, along with the rest of the Middle-Class Revolt album and the unrelated Lost In Music single, was my introduction to the Fall. They were all 2UNE had in it’s library, but it was enough to get me hooked. Which means I’ve been slightly obsessed with the Fall for over fifteen years.

I can’t remember if I had heard of the Fall before this album, or whether I was familiar with the name. I suspect I was interested because Middle-Class Revolt contained a cover of Henry Cow, a band I definitely knew, even if I had never heard their music. Whatever piqued my interest, I soon loved this track.

I find the 90s Fall gets a bit of a bad wrap. To some, definitely not by all, anything between Brix Smith leaving (the first time) and Real New Fall in the early Noughties is second-rate. For myself, I find the 90’s albums I’ve a good challenge. Then again I find every Fall album a good challenge.

I do know the next thing I heard was the Rollin Danny EP, and which I bought on vinyl in Brisbane a few years later. I also a rather battered CD copy of Code:Selfish somewhere – was it Casino? Lismore? Armidale? After that find I pogoed back and forward around their history, and am still a long way from hearing all of their albums. And finally, a couple of years ago, I saw them live in Brisbane.

While there are songs in their catalogue I consider better, I have a soft spot for 15 Ways.


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