Red Snapper – Get Some Sleep Tiger (90s – 67)

August 7, 2013

Red Snapper are a bit of an oddity – a real live band signed to the electronic Warp label well before it was fashionable for Warp to do so. This in turn gave the band a following in the electronica scene without barely touching the knob of a synthesiser. Despite being an acid jazz band, Red Snapper were remixed by the likes of the Sabres of Paradise, and produced by Tim Holmes, known for engineering for Andy Weatherall and the Chemical Brothers as well as being a member of Death in Vegas. The bassist Ali Friend would also join Beth Orton’s band, with Orton herself aligned with the electronic world through William Orbit and the Chemical Brothers.

This association with the electronic happening thing put Red Snapper on radio programs such as the Digital Dream and Sound Quality. It was through the Dream I first tracks from the Prince Blimey album, the greatest of which, is Get Some Sleep Tiger. This is the only real free-wheeling ride on the album. Elsewhere the band created texture similar to their electronic peers, though in Red Snapper’s case they produce it with guitar, bass and drum. And the live trio could create the straining tension against a locked (though live played) beat in a way no synthetic music could. For all my love of electronic music in the 90s, none sound less dated than Red Snapper.


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