Yello – Do It (90s – 68)

August 6, 2013

Has there ever been a rich bugger as fun as Dieter Meier? And have many bands created a stronger multimedia vision as Meier and Boris Blank. Not many bands can write the song then direct and star in their own videos. Their rubbery faces help, as do their moustaches, but that creates the novelty sheen over some thoughtfully constructed music.

I’ll write about Yello more in an 80s countdown should I ever do it, but I won’t write about Oh Yeah there. I love it but it’s not my favourite song. But it was the song I first came to as it was dominating the charts at the time I first was aware there were charts via listening to Take 40 Australia in the second half of the 80s. Here was the successful Yello template – highlight vocal gestures, add a beat, churn it through repetition and variation to create a propulsive track. Even their better lyric-based pop songs were often based on a similar template of isolating a vocal sample on which to build a track.

I came to the 90s albums though one of those rare meetings with an enthusiast in the late 90s – this time in the surprise shape of an engineer who worked in the same organisaiton. He had everything I didn’t, and I only had Stella and The Race. He lent me the earlier albums as well as Baby and Zebra. There were the vocal ticks. There were the beats. Later, when I watched the videos, there were the rubber faces. And yet they never repeated themselves. Even after a decade they were still having fun but still making something new.

And so here is Do It, one of the best songs on these albums. You can both versions of rubbery faces: the album track (with lyrics) and the extended non-lyrics original video.


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