Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Red Right Hand (90s – 72)

August 1, 2013

This is the first time I can say I caught up with what was happening in the wider Alternate/Indie world. In 1994 my home town still didn’t have Triple J. I turned 17 but what was happening in the rock/cool/yoof end of the music scene largely passed us by. I’m mentioned previously the town was into Guns ‘n’ Roses but not Nirvana. I hated both but what we mostly saw on our screens or heard on radio was pop.

Perhaps because Nick Cave, though still relevant, came from an earlier generation to us, this tune was played on the main, adult (old fart?) ABC radio station. It immediately struck a chord with me because I was a sucker for a good organ. And it was so of it’s time. This was the year of Pulp Fiction, from which the Urge Overkill versions of “Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon” tread similar noir muckiness, as did Edwyn Collins “Girl Like You”. All three tracks hint at fuzz and swagger and a hint of Sixties, but with a hard 90s rock edge. Good songs all, but it was not such that Red Right Hand was a product of a backwards looking era, but the times had caught up to Cave (again).

All the traits of 90s Cave were there, the brooding, the undercurrent of violence, and biblical allusions. I wouldn’t know this for a couple of years, because at this point I had never heard of Cave before, and wouldn’t again until I hit University two years later. It was not until 1995 our small country town finally received Triple J, but by that time I had one foot in exams and the other out the door.


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