Pet Shop Boys – Single (90s – 78)

July 26, 2013

I had an appreciation for the Pet Shop Boys, but what you mostly heard in the early to mid 90s was West Side Girls and that god-awful version of Go West. Even worse was seeing the Go West video. Full appreciation of the band came later for me, but the release of the Single single was a realisation the group was good.

I didn’t think of any sexual connotations of the track. I didn’t realise Tennant had come out around this time. In fact it took me years to realise Tennant had ever needed to come out, and things had been ambiguous publicly before 1995. I was a country kid leaving school and a town with little knowledge of homosexuality and because the one think I did know about myself at 19 was that I wasn’t one, I didn’t think too much about it.

No, what got me excited was the more surface theme of Europe and bureaucracy and politics and almost comical boringness of those who made it all work. I remembered the fall of the Berlin wall, and followed the fall of the Soviet Union closely, complete with school assignments and cut out newspapers. The world was changing and this excited me. And to my delight the Pet Shop Boys were showing me those who changed the world were not very exiting in and of themselves.

And if nothing else this song made me go back and listen to their back-catalogue, to my general betterment.


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