Biosphere – Hyperborea (90s – 81)

July 5, 2013

There are any number of 90s ambient records which rely on spoken work samples – just think of all those records which plundered the Apollo recordings. More specifically visions, predictions, hypnoses, remembrances and portents fleck the work of the Orb, the Grid, David Toop and many others. But not many are as effective on this track from Biosphere’s Substrata album.

Now I’m no Twin Peaks fan. I’ve never seen it and until a few minutes ago I didn’t even know this was the origin of the sample. So I came to this piece without that context and still found it the most disquieting bit on what is a most disquieting album. Substrata isn’t ambient in the likes of Global Communication or Future Sound of London – this isn’t synth line heavy – but it is more veering towards Eno territory of suggesting place without fully creating place. It’s a staggering album though not necessarily an easily listening one. Recommended.


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