Mr Bungle – Chemical Marriage (90s – 91)

May 21, 2013

After I completed my 100 songs of the Noughties, I was to do the same with the Nineties, only in a more structured way. My hope was to chart the decade in which my musical tastes developed, being the decade which spanned my life between 13 and 23.

After a decent start I haven’t kept up this aim, down purely to other affairs. So I’ve decided to return to this project but select songs in any old order for the sake of getting something out there at this time when being a parent is at its most time poor.

So Mr Bungle. Tracks form their California album were put on a mix CD for me by a girl I had a huge crush on. (Utimately nothing happened.) She had a fine taste in music – she also introduced me to Ween – and in Mr Bungle I had a new band to keep an ear out for. Pity they never released another album.

Then, a year or so later, came a tragedy. While traveling from several hundred k’s away to surprise his father, the son of someone at work was killed in a traffic accident. When he returned to work, the father, knowing I did radio and was one of the few people working there in their 20s, presented me with two of his son’s CD: the first two Mr Bungle albums. Not knowing how to react, I dumbly accepted this gift. They promptly sat on my CD shelves unheard for a few years. I felt too guilty to play them.

Finally I decided it was silly having them sit there and played them though. And I found them crazier, thrilling and more interesting than anything I’d heard by Mike Patton to date. Soon I stripped the albums of their tragic shadow and took them at face value.

This is my favourite track from these albums – a couple of organ-wielding minutes of madness, which soon became a semi-regular staple on my radio show. Enjoy.


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