My Somethingy 10 Tracks of 2011: tUnEyArDs – Bizness

December 30, 2011

My favourite track of 2011 bar none. I’m currently tossing up whether I should abandon the family and pay $45 to see her play the Brisbane Powerhouse next month. This track along is worth a chink of the entrance fee.

I’d never heard of her before this year. And if she hadn’t released this track of a legal free download, I probably would never have heard of her at all. I made a deliberate decision to feature legal free downloads on my radio program to allow listeners to be able to source great music for nothing, and as a cheep and hassle free way of making the show sound fresh every week. And to think I used to buy hundred of albums to power my radio program – the same albums I am currently ripping to hard drive and packing away as taking up too much space. But I digress.

The words should be about tUnEyArDs and this most wonderful of tracks. For a start her singing voice – to my ears – apes no one; things are simply layered on top of each other – nothing too complicated but everything complimentary; it’s the best sax I’ve heard in ages and nicest use of a strummed guitar. Simple things makes up an extraordinary track.


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