My Somethingy 10 Tracks of 2011: Mark E – Deny This (Extended Version)

December 30, 2011

It’s just so damn… insistent. Almost 10 minutes of variations of a simple beat and a simple bass line. And it never sounds long to me.

Repetition and variation – whether in traditional, classical, progressive rock, electronica – is what given music narrative. The mind plays tricks – the beauty of, say, the Necks is that you go into a little dream state and when you focus part way through you swear the music hasn’t changed but in reality you’ve travelled far. Incremental changes and pure insistence in repetition is very effective.

Which is probably way too much over analyse for this track, but it’s one of my favourite long form tracks of the year, and my favourite piece of electronica/dance of 2011. At times the beat is added to, other times elements are subtracted, most of the time the bass plods along, before being ripped from underneath everything for just long enough to cause tension. Stare off into nothing in particular and enjoy.


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