Musicality On The Hiatus

December 14, 2011

Musicality is on hiatus for the indefinite future. This is due partly to the program’s station in JacRadio being a student radio station. The Australian academic year has ended, and while some shows are venturing onwards over the long break, for the most part the station is on pre-programmed hibernation until the next batch of students arrive bright-eyed in O-Week.

More personally, with oncoming (quit good) happenings in my life I am unsure if I have the time in 2013. We’ll see. On the other hand I now own a laptop and am digitising my entire CD collection, so making radio may become easier.

O-Week is late February, so if I am back I’ll be back. If not, we’ll see. Meanwhile, my irregular musings can still be found here at One Bedraggled Boy, starting off with my ten favourite tracks of 2011.


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