Bjork – a disappointing first reaction

July 1, 2011

I feel a little sad writing this, but I don’t think I like the new Bjork single. Those blocks of sound and the lyrics emoted sound too leaden; too stalled. Then comes the drum ‘n’ bass craziness at the end to which I, as a fan of drum ‘n’ bass craziness, and well placed to describe this closing as adequate, if a little unnecessary.

Of course I am fully comfortable with the fact brilliant artists produce disappointing music (aka total pap). It’s the concept behind my Slaughtering Sacred Cows list. But I was hoping for something more divergent from Volta, of which I was not a fan. I loved Vespertine and Medulla, but each ignored heavy beats for a lighter touch. I find no subtlety here, nor drive. It’s weighted down. I  just hope the rest of the new album isn’t the same.



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