Happy Birthday JacRadio

May 27, 2011

I’m late to the party but today was JacRadio’s 2nd birthday. And it’s existence is a godsend.

Musicality ran for seven years on 2UNE aka Tune FM. That station is a community radio stalwart of over 40 years, based in the University of New England in Armidale, NSW.

In 2004 I moved up to the sunnier climes of Brisbane to find there was no equivalent station. Sure there was it’s own community radio behemoth in 4ZZZ where I spent six months doing graveyards, but it’s very chaos is hard to work in for a worker in the burbs.

So the creation by the University of Queensland in JacRadio provided a new radio voice in Brisbane but one, out of its very nature will be ever-evolving as students could learn, spin some tunes, graduate and leave with fond memories, skills and self-confidence. Part of it’s charm is half the announcers will always be a little shaky as they learn this game. The number likely to end up in professional radio will be tiny but that’s beside the point.

More it’s the opportunity to hone their communication skills by learning to share their beloved musical tastes or interests with a wider audience. That’s the key. It’s both an affirmation of their interests but also the important lesson that listeners have to be brought into the announcers world, not merely assumed to be already converted. It’s learning to balance the newbie with the fan – the communicate with a wide audience – that’s something the students will keep with them throughout their professional lives.


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