Playlists and the Canterbury Scene

April 19, 2011

I’ll be no longer posting playlists here – they will all be at the Musicality blog. The playlist for this week’s episode should be out tomorrow.

On that blog I’m also hoping to blog info about news and releases which would be of interest to listeners.

Here I’ll continue writing other musicy things, and but also provide some meta-musings on the program: how I’m feeling about the program, the music, possible plans and sketches of future programs etc… A behind the scenes so to speak…

And on this note listen out for an upcoming show on the Canterbury Scene of the 70s. I stumbled across a copy of the first two Soft Machine albums, neither of which I had ever heard. My only experience with this band was one of the late jazz fusion albums by a band which barely resembles the original line-up of Wyatt, Ayres, Rutledge ( – Ayres + Hopper on the second album). Considering I’ve been a fan of prog for over half my life, I’m surprised I’ve never heard these two albums before.

I was merely going to feature them but when planning the show the concept just ran away from me when I realised how much of the Canterbury releases I own. So a potted history of the Canterbury Scene sometime in the next few weeks.


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