Musicality 2011 – Episode 7

April 7, 2011

This week we feature a bunch of new releases this week. We’ll take the latest from Smog’s Bill Callahan, ambient from Canadian Tim Hecker, while, Laurie Anderson meets trumpeter Colin Stetson.

We’ll also take two tracks from a new drum ‘n’ bass EP and plus older dubsteppery from Martin Schulte and Burial.

(nb hyperlinks are to legal downloads of track or album respectively)

Martin Schulte – Underwater from the EP “Underwater” (Tropic)
Colin Stetson – Fear of the unknown and The Blazing Sun from “New History Warfare Vol. 2: Judges”  (Constellation)
Tim Hecker – The Piano Drop from “Ravedeath, 1972” (Kranky)
Kosmonaut – Atmospheric Flower from the EP “Utopia” (id.Eology)
National Grid – Saturday Night Movie from “Apparition” (IYNGES)
Bill Callahan – Baby’s Breath from the album “Apocalypse” (Drag City)
Martin Schulte – April from the EP “Underwater” (Tropic)
Burial – Etched Headplate from “Untrue” (Hyperdub)
Ponytail – Easy Peasy from “Do Whatever You Want All The Time” (We Are Free)
Kosmonaut – Youth273 from the EP “Utopia” (id.Eology)

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