On Air (or at least Online)

June 3, 2010

There’s been silence in these parts for a reason: I’m been in the process of reviving my long running radio program Musicality. This ran for seven yers 2UNE (aka TUNE FM), the student radio station of the University of New England.

Musicality (in it’s original form) charted my exploration of music which was not mainstream. At the start, the jazz and world I played were, in restrospect, fairly conventional if avoiding the obvious like Wynton Marsarlis etc. By the time I finished seven years later, I was happily juggling Charlemagne Palestine with The Fall, anything Anticon I could get my hands on, drum ‘n’ bass, European Improv and prog rock.

In other words the show ranged widely, each week presenting a new (or older) feature album and playing music related by personnel, theme, genre or feel. As the show went on and on, the more I realised how interconnected much of the music was, regardless of genre. Soemtimes I would do a special based on a theme (my favourite being on repetition and variation which swung from miminalism through prog to 90s electronica).

I am reviving Musicality on JACRadio, the new(ish) student radio station of the University of Queensland. Currently JACRadio is online only, though whether there are plans for a proper broadcast version will probably rest in the gods of digital radio, seeing as Brisbane’s current FM spectrum is full.

The first program is tomorrow (Friday) at jacradio.com.au, at 9am Australian Eastern Standard Time. It is replayed on Monday at 10pm AEST. Currently it is a music only version of the program called Musicality (on the Mix), and will continue to be so for a few weeks until I can physically get to a microphone to present the program in all it’s fine glory.

Anyway, for those interested, here is the playlist for tomorrow’s show:

X.A Cute (feat. Mike Ladd) – Survival of the Vinyl from “Lost Empires Living Tribes” (Anorakism)

Githead – To Have And To Hold from “Headgit” (Swim)

To Rococo Rot – Cars (Variant) from the compilation “Rough Trade Shops: Electronic 01” (Mute)

Add N to (X) – Metal Fingers In My Body from “Avant Hard” (Mute)

Medeski, Martin & Wood – Uninvisible from “Uninvisible” (Blue Note)

Humcrush – Hornswoggle from “Hornswoggle” (Rune Grammofon)

Solex + M.A.E. – Go Easy on the Fun Fund from “In The Fishtank 13” (Konkurrent)

Hanne Huckelberg – Ease from “Little Things” (Leaf)

Kim Hiothoy – Track 5 from “Live Shet” (Smalltown Supersound)

Senor Coconut – Tour de France from “El Baile Aleman” (Emperor Norton)

Four Tet – Spirit Fingers from “Rounds” (Domino)

Orbital – Halcyon from the compilation “The Potiva Ambient Collection” (EMI)

Electrelane – Only One Thing Is Needed from “The Power Out” (Too Pure)

Barbara Morgestern – Morbus Basedow from “BM” (Monika Enterprise)

Yo La Tengo – Let’s Save Tony Orlando’s House (Sonic Boom Remix) from the compilation Draw Me A Riot (Matador Records)



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