Single Gun Theory – I Am What I See (90s – 99)

April 14, 2010

1990 saw the release of Enigma’s MCMXC a.D album (the one with the Gregorian chanting and faux-sexy breathing. Two years later came the debut album by Deep Forest. Say what you like about either project – the novelty, the new age-ness, the lack of experimental wowness compared to the concurrent electronic underground – but both bands were perhaps the two most well-known electronica albums of the time. They even made their way into my little country town, where I became interested in both bands and the worlds they led me into. It was another small step into my later immersion into 90s ambient/electronica.

It was from the basis of these two popular, and in many ways base albums I became enamoured by the ethnic-tinged song beats of Single Gun Theory when “I Am What I See” was released in 1992. I considered SGT to be better than Enigma or Deep Forest; they sung their own songs for a start. Plus their was something relentless about this track: the never-changing drums just plugging away under kaleidoscope of samples, strange (to me) instruments and Jacqui Hunt’s ethereal voice.

Of course, at the time, I’d never heard the Orb, Primal Scream, nor the emerging drum ‘n’ bass nor trip-hop. I didn’t know what a break-beat was, and hip-hop to me meant “Stutter Rap” and “Push It”. What these things meant to SGT I cannot say – surely they were influenced by the times because in retrospect I came to realise they sounded of the times. But this song will ever remain in my heart as a question I needed answering, a trip I had never been on before.

Plus, they were Australian, but so unlike any Australian band I had ever heard.


One comment

  1. One of my favorite musical discoveries of the 90’s. I had a similar experience – it was an introduction for me into electronica and triphop. A few years ago I found a live EP that was part of a deluxe edition of “Flow, River of My Soul”. Makes me wish I had a chance to see them perform.

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