On Plans and Pitfalls

April 13, 2010

So the This Day series ran into a deadend for two reasons. Firstly came real-world issues which had to come first, and now resolved. More damaging to the series was the lack of sustainability in the concept. The annuls of history couldn’t sustain a song a day, without doing birthday shout-outs or death memorials to rock stars every other day. So This Day will become an occasional affair for when something regarding history intersects with music I can write about.

As an interim piece, to get my head back into writing gear again, another list of 100 songs, this time of the Nineties. I started my teenaged years in 1990, and over the next decade received a crash course in music. So I’ll be dropping entries listing 100 songs from this time. This is not a best of, merely a list of 100 songs from the most diverse decade of music since the Seventies.


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