This Day: March 7, plus an apology

March 7, 2010

Today, in 322, Aristotle died. So here is a commiserating drink from the Pythoners.

But also, here’s an apology. The idea of these posting is every day I use history to bring forth a song, either linked to a specific event or a jump a song more tangential (tenuous?).

Obviously, I’ve missed a few days, and will in all probability continue to do so for the forseeable future. All I can say is the reasons are outside my control, but are more important than maintaining any music blog.

The reason I set up this blog is to re-stimulate by writing bug after an absence of a couple of years from music writing. This remains the aim, but at the moment I’m aiming to posting as regularly as possibly until life (and this blog) returns to normal service.

In the meantime, enjoy your Sunday silliness.


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