This Day: February 22

February 21, 2010

Unlike yesterday, the 22nd of February is hardly jammed packed with historical events. Yes Cobain and Love got married, Drew Barrymore will be getting a year older and Sanath Jayasuriya started what was to become an amazing international cricketing career.

It is also the day St Lucia gained independence from Britain. But after just overdosing on St Lucian soca I feel slightly light headed.

Instead, I turn by attention to another birthday, one I personally won’t be celebrating: Lord Robert Baden-Powell. My few years in the scouts were deeply unhappy.

The highlight was the night the other scouts prevented me sleeping in the tent. Instead I had to crash on the floor of the scout master’s hut. However, the arrogance of the other scouts didn’t equate to practicality, as they forgot to dig a trench around their tent. Cue one large, sudden storm, and some deeply embarrassed scouts trying to dig mud in a losing battle. And I watched on, nice and dry in the hut… I left soon after, and have believed in the following credo ever since.


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