Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros – Global A Go-Go (2)

December 31, 2009

This is the title track of the best of Joe Strummer’s albums with the Mescaleros. It was also the last album released in his lifetime. It was Christmas Eve 2002 when I heard the news, just after having agreed to take family members to kids Mass. It was an odd scene: the noise, the over-excited kids, the smallest Mary and Joseph you’ve ever seen and myself, not a churchgoer since leaving home, sitting there stunned and unfocused. I hadn’t felt that way over the death of someone I didn’t personally know since hearing Douglas Adams had died.

As for the track, it is a cracker. The mash-ups of artists and places could have been written about the reach of music via the internet, but it was really about radio. It’s a theme song for me, as I’ve discovered so much music from obscure radio programs, and later presenting the same music on my own obscure radio program. The joy in Strummer’s voice is unrestrained: the mixing of cultures via music is the heart of this album, and much of his late work which, sadly, was curtailed far too soon.


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  1. […] One of the anarchists ensured I heard Rock Art and the X-Ray Style long before I found it in a specials bin in K-Mart. Beeing a soccer tragic I remember loving the track Tony Adams, named after the Arsenal and England captain. But I didn’t delve fully into the album until buying it in the wake of Strummer’s next album, Global A Go-Go. […]

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