Iron On – Learn Today, Earn Tomorrow (24)

December 24, 2009

Where to start. The best Brisbane band never to quite make it. They have now disbanded, according to a one line on their myspace page.

From the sidelines – and I knew the band to some extent – the double loss of talented drummer Nicola Phoenix – first from the band and shortly after to life itself, knocked the stuffing out of them just as their strong debut album was ready for release. It took a while to recruit another drummer in Marieca Page, but momentum was lost. One more EP in “The Verse” was released, with half the tunes demos of a proposed second album, and plenty of play on Triple J, but somehow it ended. Quietly the members went their seperate ways.

Three quarters of the band are in other projects: guitarists and songwriters Kate Cooper and Ross Hope in An Horse and Disco Nap respectively, while bassist Ian Rogers is thrashing it up in No Anchor.

Iron On had talent: I mean An Horse has appeared on Letterman for goodness sake! But they won’t be the first talented band not to make it, and not the last. Oh how the music biz can be tragic.


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