Anticon – We Ain’t Fessin’ (35)

December 23, 2009

I started to read the Wire magazine in 2000. I still buy it occasionally, though it is no longer as essential to me as it once was. Looking at the box full of issues makes me realise that a. there is too much music to get one’s head around, and b. being championed by the Wire doesn’t make the music good. Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of great stuff in my collection I discovered thanks to the Wire, but the sheer breadth of their content means a reader is bound to dislike great swathes the music being covered. All the Wire can do is putthe word out there.

Thankfully the Wire started putting the music out there with a series of free download from the website. It is easier to sort the wheat from the chaff when one can actually hear it. This was how I discovered the Anticon collective, and why albums by offshoots cLOUDEAD and Why? now sit on my shelves. We Ain’t Fessin’ is as epic, as it is busy. It’s a fine showcase of a corner of hip hop which exists under the mainstream radar.

We Ain’t Fessin’ (legal free download from the Wire’s website)


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