The Cure – Cut Here (43)

December 22, 2009

For me the last great Cure single. That is not to diss Robert Smith’s later work, but for this is his distinctive character. For once the narrator is not erotically urging nor wallowing in misery but knowingly impotent, regretful, self-sabotaging. Any sympathy is tempered by the fact the outcome is inevitable, if you take a straight reading of the song as a man too busy for a relationship.

In fact, the inspired by the suicide of Associate’s singer Barry MacKenzie, who I didn’t realised had died. That said I’m not overly familiar with the Associates; and as for MacKenzie, he pops up here and there in my CD collection, guesting here and there. Maybe it’s time to do some more research…

Cut Here (link to Youtube – what’s with all these videos which cna’t be embedded!)


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