Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Sleep (78)

December 11, 2009

Give it a name, and you diminish it. Somewhere along the time, the name post-rock became a cover-all for all slow instrumental rock, added vibraphones a bonus. In my radio days I heard too many Indie artist trying to Tortoise it up and merely produce wall-paper.

Thank goodness I heard Godspeed, who believe composition comes first. Ok, so they keep moving the exclaimation mark around, and give their compositions obstuse names, but artiness aside, the music itself hangs together beautifully. It knows when to soar through clouds, and when to create a storm of noise. It owes more to 70s prog rock than is perhaps fashionable (which itself stole it’s structures from classical) but also adds hints of Indie rock.  They may be lumped in with the post-rock crowd, but don’t be decieved by the name.


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