Original Pressings – Ease – “Heyman” (LittleBIGMANrecords 2005)

November 20, 2009

Ease – “Heyman” (LittleBIGMANrecords)

Ease hail from Perth whose music references that circa-Britpop experimental/pastoral rock ala the Beta Band and Gomez; Asian techno UK style and that old chestnut, dub. Lackadaisical is the word, with the title track of this EP loping along with slow bass, brassy sounds and laconic, multilayered vocals. Their music is a diverse instrumental mix that includes sitars, Hammond organ, melodica, ebow and dulcimer, all mashed in with subtle programming, samples and studio tricks. This translates into a heady and lush mix. The short Indian clatter of “Sitar George” soon gives way to the township stomp of “Saving The Day”, which reminds me of that album Damon Albarn put out after hauling his melodica around Mali. Like Albarn, Ease tries the same synthesis of traditional influences with an urban bent, as if bridging a gap to our hectic city lives. “A Stream Of Consciousness” is another instrumental merging the sitars with beats, while “It’s All Good” returns to the lazy catch-phrase style singing of the title track. Last up there is “Wolverine Dub”, big on the wheezy ambience, organ, vocal cut-up, melodica and the required deep, deep bass that thud/floats along in the way only dub can do.

Ease have put out a promising EP, and I wonder what they would achieve if someone throws some money their way. That said there is some charm about this Indie release, and while they can’t be accused of originality, they have produces a nice’n’lazy soundtrack to these warm summer evenings. Recommended.


I’m throwing this up because I honestly predicted Ease would be the next release for The Collector. I am presently surprised they aren’t, though this is not a slight on the band or this release. Reading back on this review, I hope Steph at Rockus gave it a good edit, because I certainly didn’t at a time of other distractions. I’ve cleaned up the grammar but otherwise left the review otherwise as is. Meanwhile, who ever starts of the E section of my collection will be revealed in a few days.


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