The Collector – (D is for) Daughterboy Jao – Fake Blood and the Rest Is Unknown (Virgin 2003)

November 15, 2009

The story of how I came to own this is quite simply: I “won it”. From memory, Daughterboy Jao were due to play the Armidale Club one night in 2003. Armidale regularly held stopover gigs, where a band would play Sydney the night before and Brisbane the night after (or visa versa). To save costs, they would sing for their suppers, board and extra pocket money. The big bands would play the UNE Bistro, and the smaller bands often played the (ex-gentleman’s) Armidale Club.

The gentlemen still drank at the club, but left before the younger brigade (including girls) arrived in the evening. That I arrived at all was due to receiving a phone call from 2UNE. Daughterboy Jao had left several copies of their EP and free tickets for giveaways. The giveaway business was slow that day, and did I want to win one?

I’d never heard of them before or since. A quick check of Google indicates they are still a going concern. Re-listening to the EP now, and instantly I am transported to the decent but generic punchy pop-rock of the time. The surprising thing is they were signed by Virgin: was the label trying to ride the wave of the times, or was this the type of tax write off not unknown when majors signed Australian bands?

Of course, such a question is redundant now. At the time, I’d never heard of them despite producing a national Australian music program, but there was nothing to indicate this wasn’t a band on the up. Plus I seem to remember enjoying the night. Now I’m just glad they are still going, where so Australian releases in my collection were by those who quickly fell of the radar. I wouldn’t say I cherish this release, but I’m now happy to know it is part of an ongoing story.


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